This whole thing began when we decided (post-election) to throw a little yard sale in support of Planned Parenthood. In 2.5 short weeks, we rallied together support from thousands in Austin and beyond. We had a humble goal of raising $1k. Our awesome community helped us smash it like the patriarchy; generating nearly $21k! It seemed we were onto something.

Fueled by volunteer weekends and evening hours, this effort is meant to bolster the already existing feet on the ground by raising funds, voices and energy.




To Reimagine Charitable Donations: Canvassers, little white envelopes at stuffy galas and inbox destroying listservs have become white noise. While the urge to give money is there, the systems need to be reimagined.


To amplify donations: Our goal is to partner with private corporations and businesses who offer matching programs and make the dollars go twice (or thrice) as far.


To have a great time while doing so: Turns out, we throw great parties. You should join.


To grow as the country's landscape shifts: It's hard to predict what the future holds, but we're refusing to wait around and see before taking action. We have our finger to the pulse, as so many of us do, and are going to grow and evolve as the needs do.


100% of proceeds from our shop keeps these wheels turning.