A few neighbors had a chance meeting at a bar over Thanksgiving, 2016 and united over a shared drive to take action in support of Texas causes in need. That drive materialized into a small yard sale to raise a few $'s for Planned Parenthood. A few dollars became over $20K and we considered that a sign to keep at it.

In 2017 we incorporated as a non-profit organization and organized 11 more events including an amazing kick-off party, two more yard sales and a SXSW Detox and afterparty. We added in merch to help with the cost of throwing our events, which was coming straight from the pockets of our six volunteer founders.

Since that small initial yard sale, our founding members have lived a lot of life: 2 weddings, 2 new homes, multiple job changes and a new baby. All that living has made it difficult for this 100% volunteer-led group to keep going in the way that this amazing community deserves and so, with heavy hearts, we say goodbye.

All-in-all we raised $52,329*, donated as follows:

  • Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas: $34,829

  • ACLU of Texas: $11,500

  • Casa Marianella: $6,000

You’ve grown into quite the community of activists, with 1,300 people subscribed via email and 2,300 following along on social media. It’s you that have made this all happen. We know you’ll stay active.

This has been an amazing, fulfilling reminder of all the good that exists in the world and we thank, thank, thank you for being a part of it.


Those Texas Women

*Final donation total will increase as we sell through our remaining merchandise and donate the proceeds to these beneficiaries.

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